T-CIX was founded in 2015 as an Internet eXchange platform which allows its members to optimize and improve the quality of its Internet resource through the granted opportunity to interconnect directly as well as to connect to regionally and Worldwide presented Internet eXchange points through a single port.


T-CIX Internet Exchange is a public peering platform that allows its members to interconnect directly and get access to a significant variety of Worldwide Internet eXchange Points through a single physical port.  Additionally, T-CIX is not limited to fixed data or traditional ISPs. The service is designed to meet the constantly increasing need for low-latency access to Internet eXchange points for companies including International carriers, Mobile operators, Content providers, Hosting and Cloud companies, E-commerce players, TV broadcasters, Gaming companies and other apps. providers.


  • Single physical port – multiple peering opportunities
  • Better performance by reducing hops through direct interconnections
  • Better routing and reduced delay
  • Traffic aggregation
  • High performance and network resilience
  • Flexible upgrade capability
  • Reduced transit costs and increased network efficiency

Technical Specification

  • State-of-the-art platform architecture
  • Scalable speed options:  data growth capability up to multiple 10G aggregated bandwidth
  • BGP session with two route servers
  • IPv4 and IPv6 enabled
  • Flexible port/s upgrade
  • 30+ access points to the platform all over Bulgaria incl. flexible access point change on demand
  • Robust SLA with 24x7 support


For more information please contact us at sales@t-cix.net